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Now that you're here, feel free to snoop around the website. The only price you'll be paying is the price of the things you're not doing because you decided to come here .

Anyways, no need to write anything special about me here. You'll perhaps be able to come to a conclusion that I'm a programmer, or that I'm learning French in my spare time. Perhaps you might also realize that I'm in a pursuit of knowledge, and that I'm into psychology, STEM, and even economics. I threw some econ at you at the beginning of this text.
There's some more about me, but since you're so smart - figure it out on your own. Smartass.

  January 10th, 2018.

It's so easy to quit, sometimes. Especially if you cannot see or track your progress.

My childhood was pretty much filled with online gaming. I guess addiction is the right word here. I thought a lot about why that's so. I remember seeing flashy achievement messages coming up in World of Warcraft day after day, telling me how I killed all those rare monsters, had all the fancy gear, owned other people in PvP engagements - and I was hooked. I think nothing changed from the time I started playing, probably more than 10 years ago. I'm still chasing achievements.

It's just that, this time, I'm aiming for different kind of achievements. And now I realize that progress can and should be tracked IRL, too.

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